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Clutterfree is Hasslefree

Posted by Divya Ananth on

Clutterfree is Hasslefree

Suresh and Anita, and their two daughters, Aditi and Anjana had just moved back to India. Bangalore was calling, and a whole new future awaited them. With a new IT job and a beautiful apartment that they had just leased out, the family was looking forward to their new stint.

But as they settled in, they realised, that all was not as rosy as it seemed. To start with, the house they moved in had just the floor, the ceiling and the walls. 

The taps were dripping, the kitchen was practically unusable, there were no proper light fixtures, drinking water had to be arranged through RO machine, and what not! In between unpacking, settling into a new routine and getting acclamatised, coordinating with various people like carpenters, plumbers and painters on multiple things left the family exhausted.

Anita and Suresh were tired of running a half equipped kitchen. All in all, the niggles and hassles of getting a home ready and fully functional was a draining and frustrating experience. 

This could have happened to you, or to your friends or family. Moving in, settling down, and getting a home ready is not an easy task. This is where Clutterfree comes into the picture. Clutterfree is a home services firm that offers end to end turnkey services. Whatever your need is - be it getting a home renovated, getting a home painted, or getting a home fully functional before you move in, with all electric, plumbing, painting,waterproofing,interiors in place, all you have to do is call us. 

Equipped with an efficient team that manages practically everything related to home, Clutterfree will make sure that quality is delivered. That too, on time. No more reaching out to different people for different services, or haggling with unknown vendors. Life can be so much more simpler, easier and absolutely enjoyable.

Clutterfree indeed makes the whole process of shaping a house to home, absolutely hasslefree.

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