Foyer -  For a Beautiful First Impression

The first space people see when they enter our home - the entryway / foyer.

It is like a preview to the rest of your home and a glimpse into your personality.

Designer Note - Start with a colour, pattern, style that makes you happy then add in some art, accents, furnishings that bring that idea to life and make it more welcoming.

Creating a beautiful and functional entryway that also reflects your style and personality isn’t hard to do.  It just involves paying attention to a few basics, then adding your own unique touch.

The foyer sees the highest traffic within a home and needs proper planning. You would be surprised at the number of activities that actually happen! Typically, lifestyle and culture dictates a foyer’s design.

  1. Lighting  - Keep it well-lit and clutterfree  - Keep it well-lit and clutterfree 
  2. Hooks - Have a rack attached to the wall and keep a few hooks open for guests to use
  3. Space - Cabinets with proper ventilation that to provide storage for footwear, we design space for overlooked items such as shoe polish, cleaning cloth, foot sprays and sanitiser 
  4. Functional - Keep clutter to a minimum by planning on all storage options required to keep things that we need to take when we leave home in the morning for work or school
  5. Flooring - Tile or wood flooring in your front entryway with a rug to add color and texture
  6. Mirror - They brighten and lighten an often-dark space and functional when you are stepping out while adding a great design statement
  7. Spot to sit - Some type of seating so convenient for donning of footwear could be combined as a design element installed for visual privacy.
  8. Personality - Art, accents, furniture that express the look and feeling you want your home to convey
  9. Bonus Space - Sideboard or console table offers a spot to set mail - the bonus benefit of extra storage space

Whether its a small entryway or something grand, the important thing is to create a welcoming and positive feeling when one enters your home!

Call clutterfree team for a well-designed foyer that reflects your lifestyle.

We will evaluate your foyer and help to redesign your foyer to make the most of this wonderful space. 

Experts from the Clutterfree team of Interiors & Design House will design a space that houses practical necessities and is also aesthetically appealing.