Wall Texture & Designs

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Providing the interior of your home a unique look is one of the vital factors for maintaining your home in an attractive way. 

Paint is one of the simplest methods to give your home a new look. You can add elegance to your interiors by revamping the texture of your interior walls and ceiling.

Textured paint is paint combined with some materials / fillers that thickens its consistency. 

Textured paint is applied using painting tools and equipment by professionals to create various kinds of visual effects on the wall or ceiling. 

The increased density of the textured paint is used to achieve 3D effects.

Textures on wall & ceiling are created using paint, textile particles, sand particles, wood, rollers, stencils, trowels, sponges, troughs, texturing comb and brushes, etc. to provide a variety of dimensions – from grainy finishes to high-shine surfaces.

Among the most common techniques used for paint texturing are combing, sponging, stippling and ragging.

Wall texture is a little detail that can add depth in your home. 

The finished product will look a lot better when you pay attention to quality of the texture on your wall. If you are planning on painting and wall texture you can get help from our professional painting company with dedicated professionals for texture art work on walls and ceiling.

Advantages of wall texture


The different patterns and texture formats combined with the numerous colour options make textures a great resource for changing the aesthetics of space. 

Texture paint also adds to the strength and durability to the walls.

Manage Humidity

Wall textures control humidity to an extent. This is because the mass used in the creation of textures is denser and thicker than the plaster leading to control of the expansion of moisture through the walls.


Textures can be used for both Interiors & Exteriors of the homes.

Textures can also be used on just one wall or all walls of the room, depending on the effect you want to cause.


The additional layer of texturing acts as a soundproofing insulation. Texture has the ability to muffle noise from one room to another can make a huge difference.

Why Do People Get Textured Walls?

Aside from being very trendy, one of the major reasons why people get textured walls is because it makes a serious statement. 

Texture adds a unique splash of style that can stand on its own.

Textured walls can give personality to a room which makes it pop without extra artwork or specialty lighting that a smooth wall room would require. 

A lot of people assume they would stuck with one type of texture thinking it would be difficult to change or paint over. However, depending on the wall type, one can easily have a fresh ready ready surface for new look with sanding down your wall, soak-scrap and skim coating.

Care and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the wall texture is very simple. 

Indoors - Soft, dry sponge to remove dust

Outdoor - Wash the wall with a nozzle hose & soft bristle broom

In addition to cleaning it is also important to paint the texture periodically so that it remains beautiful. 

Work of Art

Opting for textured wall transforms your walls into works of art. If the project is carried out by professionals, it will increase the property value of your home. Choose professional expert remodelling partners as you are reinvesting back into the most important investment you have.

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