False Ceiling

A false ceiling is an architectural element that mimics the appearance of a real ceiling. 
It is one of the most important aspects of any home or office. It not only adds elegance to the place but also serves multiple purposes.
In recent years, false ceilings have become an integral part of home decorating and have found their place in almost every house. They have gained popularity due to their advantageous features for both construction and aesthetic appeal.
The purpose of this structure is to hide areas that are not meant to be seen, such as ductwork, pipes, wiring and more.
A false ceiling can be an attractive way to add more space to your home. When you are decorating your home, the false ceiling is the best way to hide wires and pipes in the room. The false ceiling makes your ceiling look higher than it actually is. 
One of the major areas to consider while designing a false ceiling for your house is that you need to design it keeping in mind the colour and design of the walls. The false ceiling should blend well with the wall colour and theme. If the false ceiling is not done properly, it can spoil the entire look of your room.
  • Using heavy colours like dark brown or black will make room look smaller than it actually is
  • Using light colours like white or cream makes the room light and airy
  • Using shades of grey gives the room a modern look
If you are considering installing a false ceiling in your home, there are several benefits that you will enjoy. 
A false ceiling is an excellent choice for any room. 
It adds visual appeal and can also improve the acoustics of your space by blocking out unwanted noise. 
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